Hayes, KS: Fidget spinners helpful for kids with ADHD, anxiety

Oct 21, 2017, Hayes (KS) Post: Local psychiatrist says fidget spinners can have benefits As you walk through the hallways of Hays High School and peek into the classrooms you are likely to see at least one student in the school using a fidget spinner…. While not as many as were in use last year, there are still a few students who say that fidget spinners help with their ADHD, focus and anxiety. “I think fidget spinners can be of help for people with ADHD, and perhaps some people without ADHD as well,” said psychiatrist Dr. Mark Romerein of High Plains Mental Health. “People with ADHD need an outlet for their restless energy, and when they have that it often makes it easier for them to focus on what they need to be doing.”… “Fidget cubes can be useful,” Romereim said. “But they have several switches or buttons that make noise, and I don’t think that is the best thing in a classroom situation, as the repetitive noise can disturb others’ ability to focus.”…

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