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Hawaii: State sued over failure to provide for severely disabled students

July 6, 2023, KITV, Honolulu: Honolulu attorney to sue Hawaii over lack of special education services

Civil rights attorney to file class action against Hawaii education, health departments A Honolulu attorney says he's a few weeks away from filing a class action lawsuit against the state over special education services.

Video shows nonverbal, non-potty trained six year old. The parents have been fighting with the Department of Education for the last four years to get him services.

Mom: Having autism at the level that he does means there really are no programs for him. There’s no summer camp. There’s not even access to a baby sitter that would know how to work with him. …

Every time that we need the DofE, or specifically Kahala Elementary, to follow the law, we actually have to hire an attorney.

Enough parents have a similar story….

Attorney Eric Seiz: The case action would be on behalf of all the children in Hawaii who are entitled to special education services and mental health services in relation to their special education care.

It’s estimated that should be between 10 and 11 percent of kids in school. …

It has become…a pitched war between the families of kids with disabilities and the DoE and the Department of Health as well. …

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