Hastings, NE: Student "with mental health issues" threatened school; it's "one in 4 students"

Mar 6, 2018, Kearney, NE, ABC—TV: Hastings Public Schools staying proactive in tackling mental health issues Hastings Police say a student with mental health issues made non-specific threats toward Hastings Middle School, but they say no crime occurred. Hastings Public Schools Superintendent Craig Kautz told NTV they wrote a grant giving the schools the opportunity to tackle student mental health issues. "Right now, statistically researchers have found that about one in every four students has some kind of mental health issue," Kautz said. He said that statistic is nationwide which is why this grant will address that need. "The first phase will basically give us a screening instrument where we can basically assess kids and determine whether they might have a mental health issue that requires clinical support," Kautz said…. He said as a state, we need to invest more money in community-based healthcare. … The superintendent said with a limited amount of resources they're trying their best, but it's going to take the community and maybe even the state to get a better handle on it in order to serve kids better.