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Hartford, CT: Teachers hold "walk-in" for MORE SPED RESOURCES

May 31, 2023, CBS CT: Hartford Teachers Push for More Staff and Special Education Resources

Teachers staged a "walk-in" at Annie Fisher School in Hartford Wednesday morning. At the rally, they held signs and chanted, touting they have the answer to "What Kids Need" after surveying the teachers and opening it up to parents at about 15 schools across the district.

The top two responses at Annie Fisher School were more teachers and more special education services.
“Many of our students do not have the support they’re supposed to get by federal law and by their IEPs, their individualized educational plans,” said Carol Gale, the president of the Hartford Federation of Teachers.

One of the things that helps children is to have additional adult support one-on-one, a paraeducator, Gale said….

Teachers said they were hoping that by staging a walk-in, they could make a statement that would not be disruptive to the school day, and hopefully get the attention of state legislators, the mayor, the superintendent and board of education.

There are 87 classroom-based teacher vacancies in Hartford Public Schools, according to district officials. …

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