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Hartford, CT: Autistic 18-yr-old accused of stabbing 16-yr-old

Sept 12, 2018, Fox 61, Hartford, CT: EXCLUSIVE: Stepfather of teen accused of stabbing Enfield High School student speaks out A family member of 18-year-old Shyhiem Adams who is accused of stabbing 16-year-old Justin Brady to death, spoke exclusively to FOX61 News. There was raw emotion outside of Enfield court when Adams was arraigned on Tuesday. Friends of Brady, who was a student at Enfield High School, defied a judges orders to keep the peace, shouting expletives at Adams. In court, Adams wound up collapsing. His stepfather, Ronald Ayton, said it's because Adams has autism. "He was trying to grow above his disability, and be the best person he can be. For them to talk to him like that, and I can understand why he passed out in court -- it's something he not used to," said Ayton.

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