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Harrisburg, PA: Provider opens 11th autism clinic serving PA/MD

Dec 7, 2022, ABC27, Harrisburg, PA: New clinic for autistic children opening in Harrisburg
Mission Autism Clinics (MAC) is opening up a new facility in Harrisburg at the end of this week, according to a Nov. 22, 2022 release.

MAC is an autism clinic that offers applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA) programs for children ages 2-6. According to MAC, ABA is a style of therapy that uses learning and behavior to change a child’s habits. The therapists at MAC that utilize ABA therapy, ….

Currently, the new MAC facility in Harrisburg is looking for a full-time Behavior Technician, according to a recent job listing on their website. According to MAC’s Marketing Specialist Ellen Brennan, the new facility will also create an additional 40 new jobs.

MAC opened its first autism clinic in Pittston, Pa. back in 2020 and according to MAC.

“Mission Autism Clinics is excited to open our Harrisburg Clinic! The new clinic joins 11 others located throughout the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland,” CEO of MAC Paul DeAngelo.

“The prevalence of Autism continues to increase and the need for specialized services continues to grow including ABA therapy. Our goal is to bring access to quality services closer to the families in need of services who are currently on waitlists. We are looking forward to serving clients in Dauphin County.”


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