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Harford County, MD: Special needs school to expand

April 8, 2017, Baltimore Sun: Harford special needs school seeks zoning variance to expand The operator of a Belcamp/Riverside area private school that serves students with special needs is seeking a zoning variance from Harford County to expand the school's capacity from 45 to 60 students…. The special exception allowed High Road School to expand its capacity from 30 students at its Perryville facility to 45 in the Belcamp building. As a result of the prior decision, however, capacity was capped at 45 students. The applicants want to increase the capacity to 60 students as the demand for their services grows, according to the application before the appeals board, which sought a modification, or variance, from the previous decision. The variance was denied by a zoning hearing examiner because "he didn't believe we could meet the legal threshold for uniqueness," Young told council members. Kahoe also heard the latest case. In his Oct. 31, 2016, opinion Kahoe concluded the parcel of land where the school is located "is simply not big enough" to accommodate more students, nor was the property itself unique to warrant granting the variance.

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