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Hanover County, VA: District now has 23% of students in SPED; more autism as factor

Jan 17, 2019, NBC12, Richmond, VA: Hanover schools look to hire new counselors, focus on students with disabilities HANOVER, VA- The Hanover County Public Schools system is looking to put more resources towards helping students with mental health and varying types of disabilities. This week, the superintendent presented his proposed budget to the school board, which includes six new counselor positions and transitioning a current part-time position to full time. Superintendent Michael Gill says now more than ever it is important to meet the mental health needs of students. He says the percentage of students with autism and needing extensive support has risen from 15 percent in 2015-16 to 23 percent next school year. Gill wants to add three positions focused on special education, with two of those focused on students with autism. …

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