Hamburg, NY: District training teachers to recognize "the symptoms of mental illness"

Dec 4, 2017, Buffalo (NY) News: Hamburg schools training staff to recognize kids' mental health crises "We're not asking social studies teachers to treat students with mental illness," Superintendent Michael Cornell said. The district also wants to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. … The mental health of children is getting attention from a lot of school district administrators. But the district is training them to recognize the symptoms of mental illness and direct students to someone who can help. ... "The biggest story nobody talks about is the mental health issue in children," Cornell said. Hamburg started looking for grants several years ago, and secured one from the Tower Foundation to give every employee a day-long training session in Mental Health First Aid. The action plan follows ALGEE, an acronym for: Assess the risk for suicide or harm. Listen non-judgmentally. Give reassurance and information. Encourage appropriate professional help. Encourage self-help and other support strategies. … Kaney said the district also hopes to offer training to parents and local organizations.