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Hallowell, ME: District budget to include social workers/"response-to-intervention specialist"

May 26, 2019, Central Maine: Hallowell-area school district proposing $30 million spending plan The spending increase would make the budget total almost 10% more than last years, but that's because RSU 2 will make its first payment on the new Monmouth school, which is being paid for with a state subsidy…. If voters accept this spending plan, the district would add several new positions, including social workers, educational technicians, a dean and a response-to-intervention specialist. “What’s been showing up more and more in recent years is a need for social and emotional support for our students,” RSU 2 board Chairman Jonathan Hamann said…. This position would be responsible for supervising the general climate of student population, Zima explained, such as checking in with students who are having difficulties. This would give principals an opportunity to work with their teachers on curriculum. A response-to-intervention specialist would be hired at Hall-Dale Elementary School, where the principal oversees a school with 420 students. Rather than hire another administrator, such as an assistant principal, the specialist would focus on student behavior, and assisting with literacy and numeracy education. …

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