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Haledon, NJ: Autism rate "nearly triples" in 16 yrs; police compile database

Oct 4, 2023, North Jersey: Haledon police compiling vital information to help residents with autism
The Police Department is compiling a database that will assist its officers when they respond to calls involving people with autism.
Having certain details upfront will allow police to approach emergencies with compassion and understanding, the department said….

Participation in the autism registry is voluntary, he said.

The program highlights the department’s “commitment to enhancing the safety of individuals with autism,” Guzmán said in a statement, and it is a “vital step” toward an inclusive community….

According to the results of a study released in January by researchers at Rutgers, the rate of autism diagnoses in children in this area nearly tripled in 16 years.

The department is also distributing blue envelopes to provide an additional layer of support.

The envelopes can be used by caregivers and families to hold documents explaining de-escalation techniques that police should apply when interacting with their loved ones. They may be kept in the car or home.

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