Greenwich CT: Suspensions up, especially for SPED students

Feb 19, 2019, Greenwich (CT) Time: Greenwich school discipline rates rising The number of students in Greenwich schools who are suspended or expelled has increased over the last two school years due to a new district policy on drugs. Amid the rise, one trend persists: Minority and special-education students are disciplined at higher rates, according to new district data. Greenwich Public School officials will present the latest data on suspensions and expulsions to Board of Education members Thursday evening. Their report shows a bump in suspensions, in large part because of stricter vaping policies. There were 293 incidents leading to suspensions and expulsions in the 2017-18 school year. That number surpasses the five-year high of 266 incidents in 2013-14 and more than doubles the five-year low of 143 incidents in 2015-16. Administrators attribute the rise in large part to increases in penalties for substance abuse, particularly vaping, and secondarily to “disruption in learning.” … Rates of discipline for certain groups of students continues to be a problem. For years, students from minority backgrounds and those receiving special-education services have been suspended or expelled at a disproportionately higher rate than white students and non-special-education students, which has raised questions about bias. …

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