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Greenwich, CT: SPED report warns about "employee burnout"

July 22, 2023, (Norwalk, CT) Greenwich Times: Greenwich schools special education report warns some staff are 'stretched thin,' on verge of burnout

Addressing employee burnout and being clearer about its stance on restraint and seclusion are among the improvements Greenwich Public Schools can make to its special education program, according to a 25-page annual report by the Special Education Advisory Committee.

District administrators, however, say the program has already “made enormous strides.” SEAC, which is made up of parents, service providers, educators and Board of Education members, creates an report every year to advise the BOE about how the district can improve special education. This year's report detailed roughly 20 ways the district can make the program better.

“We are proud of our annual report, which is a culmination of a year’s worth of input and collaboration by a wide variety of stakeholders,” the executive committee members wrote in a statement. “Our report is meant to advise the Board of Education as to the experiences of parents and staff, and to offer recommendations and possible solutions.”


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