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Greenwich, CT: Second SPED preschool opened; "growing need"

Apr 20, 2023, Greenwich (CT) Times: As number of special education preschool students in Greenwich grows, district adds space for them

Greenwich Public Schools' preschool program is booming, so as a way to offer its services to even more students, Julian Curtiss School has opened up a second preschool classroom.

The school's first preschool classroom opened last March and now has 14 students. But Beth Forger, special educational instruction coach, said the district saw a growing number of students ages 3 to 5 who needed special education services, so Julian Curtiss opened up another class last month. This class currently has 11 students, but is "slowly growing," she said.

"We found that there were more students identified (with needing special education services), so we needed to add more classrooms," Forger said.

Forger said the goal is a ratio of nine general education students to six students with individualized education programs in the preschool classroom. It is state and federal law to offer early childhood special education services, so preschool teachers are certified to teach special education and general education.

Matilda Mariaca Reque, left, and Diana Carvalho Ferreira play with a touch tank in a newly-refurbished preschool classroom at Julian Curtiss School in Greenwich, Conn. Wednesday, April 19, 2023. Earlier this year, Julian Curtiss received a donation from the United Way allowing them to make several renovations and upgrades in their preschool classrooms.


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