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Greenwich, CT: 'Growing caseload'; need for more social services

Sept 29, 2018, Norwalk, CT, Greenwich Times: Educators: Greenwich schools need more social workers The need for social services in Greenwich Public Schools is increasing, but the presence of social workers at schools across the district remains uneven. “We’re having a growing caseload of students,” said Sandra Saavedra, a social worker who joined the district this spring and splits her time between Hamilton Avenue and New Lebanon schools…. …By contrast, Eastern Middle School has two workers, because it has a high number of students using special education services, … … Parents and teachers are concerned that students do not have adequate access to mental health resources, she said. … Earlier this month, Forde proposed that the school board add $350,000 to future school budgets to pay for three additional social workers, which would cover salary and benefits. … Each elementary school has a staff psychologist. …

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