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Greenville, OH: County mental health service partners with schools

June 2 2018, Greenville (OH) Early Bird Paper: Districts responding to need for mental health counseling / Darke County Recovery and Wellness will be working with several area schools this summer to develop in-school mental health counseling programs…. “We are trying to be pro-active,” said Versailles Superintendent Aaron Moran. “To make our kids safe and provide services for our families. Mental health counseling is a separate piece from what our guidance counselors do.” Moran said Versailles already contracts with the Darke County Educational Service Center for some counseling services. “We wanted to add more,” he said. The good thing, Cook said, about working with schools to provide counseling is that mental health workers are available throughout the school day so parents aren’t burdened with taking their child to afterschool or weekend appointments…. Lestingi said a group of 40-45 students at the K-8 facility were able to take advantage of in-school mental health counseling. Students with emotional and behavioral issues have the opportunity to receive services, Lestingi said. Often children can become disturbed when faced with social and family issues, being new to the school, bullying, or dealing with chronic depression. “Anxiety is a big issue right now,” he explained….

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