Grand Rapids, MI: Middle school counselor sees "rising trend" in anxiety

Jan 8, 2018, Wood TV, Grand Rapids, MI: Growing number of teens diagnosed with anxiety disorders Musser was suffering from crippling anxiety mixed with depression. It made her a shell of the big, bright personality those around her had come to expect. “It’s like a fighting of back and forth. You care about everything with anxiety, but when you have depression you care about nothing,” Madelyn said. “It’s these emotions, all this craziness, it’s hard making decisions.” Musser is not alone. She is among the nearly one in four teenagers who are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. For Roxanne McCarron, the guidance counselor at Grandville Middle School, this is a rising trend she is seeing. “The changes that I’ve seen in kids’ mental health in the 22 years I’ve been doing it, I see we talk about the anxiety and depression so much more now than they did back when I started,” McCarron said. …

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