Glens Falls, NY: Therapy dogs help high school students 'de-stress'

Jan 19, 2018, Glens Falls (NY) Post Star: Therapy dogs lend a paw at school's Stress Fair The positive energy was palpable as Queensbury High School students stood in line Friday, eagerly waiting to greet certified therapy dogs as a way to “de-stress” from preparation for state tests…. Queensbury school Superintendent Doug Huntley commented on the Stress Fair’s effect on students. “This is the most unbelievable thing I’ve seen in a long time,” he said. Both Huntley and Principal Damian Switzer said they were happy with the dogs’ improvement of students’ attitudes. Students also were invited to practice meditation at the fair, and a psychologist was lined up to to speak with students about how to handle test stress and anxiety. Queensbury sophomore and athlete Alex Roca was one of the students who said the dogs helped him de-stress. His teacher had let him and his classmates visit the therapy dogs before taking a mid-term exam.