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Glendale, AZ: Student fundraises for improved sensory room for SPED kids "to calm down"

Dec 5, 2018, Phoenix, AZ, ABC15: Glendale teen fundraises to fill sensory room for special needs students GLENDALE, AZ - A West Valley student is reaching out to the community to help special needs students at her high school. Lexi Von Hatten is a senior at Mountain Ridge in Glendale and what started as research for a volunteer challenge has inspired her to launch a campaign to help a teacher who isn't even hers. … Von Hatten decided she wanted to do something to help special needs students. She discovered that her school has a sensory room, a place where kids with a range of disabilities can go when they need to calm down, prevent an outburst and keep them focused on learning. "We get angry... we're able to let it go. Our special needs students really aren't so they need something to throw down or release their anger," said Von Hatten. … the one at Mountain Ridge isn't given a budget and is rather empty, so any equipment has been donated or the special education teacher has crafted it herself. Von Hatten wants to change that and fill the room with the proper tools to help those students succeed. … "My greater hope is this will cause a ripple effect," said Von Hatten, "so that having a sensory room becomes the norm in every school."


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