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Gladstone, MI: Elem schools have new program to deal with "more and more behavioral issues"

Feb 2, 2019, Escanaba (MI) Daily Press: Gladstone school program focuses on behavioral problems GLADSTONE — Two Gladstone elementary schools have a one-of-a-kind behavioral interventionist program in the area. Jones Elementary and Cameron Elementary kicked off the new program at the beginning of the school year. Gladstone Schools Superintendent Jay Kulbertis explained the program is a new way for the schools to improve the lives of students with behavioral issues by having new “behavioral interventionist” positions at the schools. These individuals are tasked with educating those students on their social-emotional well-being, providing them with the social-emotional skill set needed so less behavioral issues occur, incorporating parents in the individual behavioral plans, and teaching other teachers in the school on how to look out for these students. Kulbertis said the idea of this program came about a couple years ago when there seemed to be more and more behavioral issues in the schools and staff was struggling on how to best address it. “Last year we talked about hiring someone to help us out,” he said. “Someone who was kind of a specialist in dealing with students’ behaviors. … “They would be dealing with the most difficult students or the highest level of need all day long and maybe seeing minimal to no success — that’s kind of the mentality we were looking at at that point,” she said. … The program is more than just the new positions but also how the schools educates all students on social-emotional well-being and the skills that go along with it….

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