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(Ghana) Foundation calls for govt to support children with autism

Mar 5, 2022, DePAV Foundation calls on government to support autistic children

The government has been urged to intensify efforts in supporting children with autism across the country. A parent with an autistic child, Mrs Keziah Phlenge, made the call at the Autism Awareness, Care and Training organised by the Depav Foundation from the UK last Tuesday. According to Mrs Phlenge, some parents were unable to bear the cost involved in taking care of children with special needs, a situation that inhibited their development. She stressed the need for more attention to be paid to children with special needs such as autism. “Before a child is brought into this world, no one has an idea how he or she will become and act in the future. Indeed, everyone has his or her destiny tied to his hand.” Mrs Phlenge promised to provide internet services for the school to enable them get easy access. “Unlike UK where the government provides support for children with autism, the situation in Ghana is different.” Mrs Phlenge, a resident of the UK, said the Depav Foundation was inspired by her son called Dwayne who is autistic and it aims at assisting children with autism in Ghana…. The foundation also donated an undisclosed sum of money to the staff of the Autism Awareness Care and Training to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the children at the centre.

Some staff and students at the Autism Care and Training join Mrs Phlenge (middle) to cut a cake

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