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(Ghana) ASD students are "gifts"; psychiatrist: autism has been here for 1,000s of yrs

Oct 28, 2018, Education News: Autistic Students are Gifts to the world Once considered an extremely rare condition, the diagnosis of autism has spiraled over the last decades. Today, it is believed that about one in every hundred children are autistic. … As challenging as it may be, it is becoming increasingly clear that autism is for all intents and purposes a gift. As increasingly more and more persons are being diagnosed with the condition, some have postulated that it has always been a regular part of life. Silberman, a psychiatrist, notes that “Autism has been part of the human condition for millennia. It’s just that we haven’t recognized it.”… Indeed, some of the world’s most intelligent inventors have been noted to have a touch of Asperger’s, including Bill Gates – who is noted to be socially awkward, and Mark Zuckerberg. So you see, it is not bad after all. Students who have some traits of autism are better positioned to great exploits in certain fields….


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