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Georgia candidate for governor calls for $90M for school security/mental health

Sept 23, 2018, Rome (GA) News-Tribune: Kemp plan would boost schools’ security, counselors State GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp unveiled on Wednesday, Sept. 19, a $90 million proposal for school security focused on mental health and local control. His plan would add school counselors in all 343 state public high schools, provide one-time funding for schools to spend as they see fit and create a school safety division within the Georgia Department of Education. He said his plan would ensure that Georgia classrooms are ripe for learning, not violence…. His plan would provide for a one-time $30,000 allotment for each of Georgia’s 2,292 public schools that local officials can use for “school security purposes” specific to their schools. Kemp said the program would cost taxpayers nothing, indicating he would be able to find the money in the state budget….


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