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Gary, IN: ABA clinic opens; Mayor "said he was delighted"

Oct 12, 2022, Chicago Crusader: City’s first Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Clinic opens

Recently, a historic partnership was forged in Gary as two organizations, We Are The Village, Inc., and All Things Autism, Inc., came together to open the city’s first ever Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Clinic. The facility at 4950 Broadway will provide special programs, classes and resources for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The October 1 ribbon cutting ceremony featured remarks from co-founders Jaunesia Davis and Candis Coleman. Both women are parents of autistic children.

Gary Mayor Jerome Prince said he was delighted that the young CEOs chose Gary as the home for the clinic.

“Just the fact that you have chosen Gary to locate your organization and that there are no other organizations like it, as the mayor of the city of Gary, and on behalf of all its elected officials and citizens, I thank you,” said Prince.

“We want to be a partner and certainly a strong part of your success right here in the city.”… “The reason I wanted to start this clinic is because when my twin daughters were diagnosed with autism, I didn’t have anywhere to go,” added Coleman. “I just want to make sure that we are a voice and resource for the parents and lead them the right way.”


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