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Ft. Wayne, IN: Survey shows parents don't want armed teachers; calls for more mental health services

July 24, 2018, Fort Wayne (IN) Journal Gazette: Parents' rising fears More counselors in schools part of solution But in the wake of deadly shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas, the same question finds 34 percent of parents worried for their children's safety. Those fears are the reason some politicians have pushed to arm teachers or fortify schools with metal detectors. Phi Delta Kappa's polling, however, found parents overwhelmingly support another approach: 76 percent support spending on mental health services…. The results should inform lawmakers, who are expected to consider school safety recommendations in a report expected next month. Gov. Eric Holcomb on July 9 offered hand-held metal detectors to schools – one device for every 250 students. Coincidentally, one counselor for every 250 students is the ratio the National School Counselor Association recommends.

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