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Fresno, CA: No court date for teen who threatened school shooting; school didn't address his autism

Aug 28, 2018, ABC30 Fresno, CA: Buchanan graduation mass shooting suspect released on new mental health diversion The teenager arrested for threatening a mass shooting at Buchanan High School's graduation will likely avoid prosecution. A judge released Kyle Dwelle on mental health diversion, a new program signed into law this summer. His defense attorney, Mark Coleman, says Dwelle tried to get help for a disorder on the autism spectrum, but he never got it, and school officials never told his parents. Dwelle will have to wear a GPS monitor, he has to get mental health treatment from a therapist with knowledge of autism, and he's not allowed to live in any home where there are firearms. Students at Buchanan High School reported Dwelle had a gun and intended to wear a Nazi band as he shot up the Buchanan graduation on June 7. Prosecutors filed two counts of making criminal threats against Dwelle, but a judge dismissed one after an alleged target said he never felt personally threatened….


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