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Franklin, WI: Autism center expands to new location; currently 100 kids on waitlist

Oct 13, 2023, WTMJ Milwaukee: Caravel Autism Health opens new center in Franklin
Caravel Autism Health will now be able to take on more clients after opening a new facility in Franklin Thursday.
At almost twice the size of the city’s previous Caravel clinic, the center helps kids as young as two years old who are diagnosed with Autism develop their social skills and get ready for the classroom.

“We’re working one-on-one with these kiddos every day, all day and just seeing the skills that they learn here and that they carry over,” Clinic Director Carley Fanone said. “[The larger space] can only help and improve the quality of therapy we’re providing.”

Caravel’s regional vice president Jenn Storlie said the service they provide is in demand. She also said the Milwaukee area currently has a waitlist of over 100 kids and their new location in Franklin is one of five in the region.

“Being able to get those kiddos off the waitlist as soon as possible because it’s so important that we get them early intensive therapy, is really a benefit of this place,” Storlie said. “So, we’re talking upwards 30 to 40 forty hours a week—do show the most progress in kids diagnosed with autism.”…

In total the new clinic will allow Caravel to see about 40 percent more patients in Franklin, that's roughly ten kids. Since it won’t clear the waitlist Storlie said their company is always looking for opportunities to expand.

“The feedback we’ve been getting is parents love our centers they love the movement rooms, they love the classrooms, and they just love the progress that they’re kids are making,” she said.


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