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Franklin, IN: District sees 3 suicides in 2 yrs, more self-harm; mental health committee formed

Dec 28, 2018, Franklin (IN) Daily Journal: After 3 suicides in 2 years, Franklin schools looks for answers After three students in Franklin schools committed suicide in less than two years, a newly formed committee wants to stop it from happening again.... Brown-Nally is a member of a new mental health committee, which is working to find solutions for students with a growing need for mental health services. In mid-December, students at the middle and high schools were asked to take an 11-question survey, which asked them what mental health issues they and their peers are affected by, the causes of those issues and where they can find support, or wish they could find support, in times of need. The number of students who have said they are harming themselves, or are tempted to, is alarming, she said. “We’re seeing an increase in anxiety (and) depression, and that would probably be at the secondary level,” Brown-Nally said. “There’s an increase in the number of self-harm and suicidal ideation reports made to the Department of Child Services.” … “We do need additional help with mental health,” Storms said. …


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