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Franklin, IN: District adds 2 therapy dogs for stress/anxiety; 4 social workers also hired

Feb 25, 2020. WSBT TV, South Bend, IN: Local school counts on therapy dogs to counter stress, bring sense of calm and happiness Believe it or not, running around with students is important training for the two newest employees at an Indiana school. Meet Hiro and Millie -- they will soon work as therapy dogs at Franklin Community Schools. The district's Mental Health Director says the pups bring a sense of calm and happiness-- to a stressful environment. “Just being in the presence of the dog, just petting the dog, laying down next to the dog, it’s just going to reduce that stress and anxiety,” said Franklin Community Schools Superintendent David Clendening. … The district was able to pay for the two dogs thanks to a referendum. School officials also hired four new social workers.


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