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Forest Park, IL: Pediatric OT clinic opens; waiting lists for sensory processing help

Dec 11, 2018, Oak Park, IL, Forest Park Review: Pediatric therapy clinic to come to Madison Street Thirteen years ago, Danielle Lemon served as a therapist, working under Nancy Ruggles. Now, the two are planning to open their own therapy and mental health services clinic together in January 2019, which they name as the first of its kind in Forest Park. Power of Play (POP) Pediatric Therapy Services, 7421 W. Madison St., will offer occupational, physical and speech therapy, as well as mental health services, for children and families in the community. "There's a big need for this type of therapy in the community; we will be the only occupational therapy clinic in Forest Park" said Lemon, adding that the other clinics within a three to 10 mile radius of the village have waiting lists. Pediatric occupational therapy is focused on helping children grow into independent adults by developing their fine, sensory and visual motor skills. The therapy addresses physical impairments and injuries that prevent a child from fully progressing through the stages of cognitive and social development. Children with certain medical conditions, including ADHD, cerebral palsy, and autism, and sensory processing disorders can benefit from the therapy. "Most of the kids we see have sensory processing challenges, and a lot of families come to us if their child is struggling or if their school has recommended it," said Ruggles. … Both therapists serve a wide variety of patients, with ages ranging from infancy to 21 years old. …

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