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Fordham U: 20% of NYC children are disabled; helping them "a challenge"

Nov 13, 2018, WFUV, Public Media Radio, Fordham U. , Bronx, NY: Teacher Shortage Impacts Success of Special Needs Children About 20 percent of children in New York City public schools have disabilities, including autism. As part of WFUV's Strike A Chord series, we took a look at educational concerns for these kids. … Amanda Friedman is the founder and Executive Director of the Atlas Foundation for Autism. She also runs a school for kids with autism. She says it can be a challenge for public schools to accommodate students with special needs because they simply lack capacity…. Jeanne Alter of the Kennedy Children Center, says kids with special needs thrive in smaller classrooms. There are 16 classes at the center. Each class has one teacher and two teacher assistants. But Alter is worried about the future. She says the nation is experiencing a teacher shortage. And she fears there won't be enough teachers to educate kids with special needs. … Alter says low salaries for teachers are a stumbling block to filling critical roles in the classroom. She says she'll continue to fight for fair wages to ensure kids with special needs have the support they need.

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