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FORBES: More grocery stores offering "sensory-friendly hours"

Oct 4, 2023, Forbes: Tomorrow’s Grocery List: 6 Supermarket Concepts Worth Watching

Creating sensory-sensitive environments. An estimated one in 20 people may live with sensorydisorders, such as aversions to harsh lights and loud noises, which trigger anxiety and limit activities.

Several retailers are responding by designating sensory-friendly times and accommodations. Among them is Walmart, the nation’s largest food seller. Over the summer it introduced sensory-friendly hours on Saturday mornings to accommodate back-to-school customers and their kids.

And in the United Kingdom, a range of supermarkets, from Aldi to Tesco, are offering (or testing) quiet hours, with lowered lights, toned-down checkout noises and discontinued overhead music, the UK’s Love Money reported in August.


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