FORBES: Help for teachers "physically and verbally attacked"/under "extreme stress"

Feb 23, 2020, Forbes: 5 Reasons School Districts Should Consider Developing Their Own Teachers When I landed my first role in teaching, I returned to my former elementary school—my childhood neighborhood had changed, but there was a unique feeling of being at home again. The school didn't change too much, and many of my former teachers were still in the classroom. … Teachers In Crisis For those who don't work in education, you may not know that we have a teacher crisis on our hands right now. Some of the most effective, creative, and caring teachers are leaving the field every day, and if we don't stop and recognize this issue—and do something about it, it is only going to get worse. Losing teachers can have a significant effect on everything we know—from essential learning to affecting the global economy. For example, according to The Learning Policy Institute, they stated that one study found replacing teachers who leave—can cost in today's dollars as much as $20,000 per teacher in a large urban district—which produces a national price tag of $8.5 billion a year. Also, the demand for school principals is expected to rise up to 6% nationwide by the year 2022 due to a population increase. Training principals can cost school districts between $36,850 and $303,000, with typical urban school districts spending $75,000 per principal, according to the NASSP. And, the numbers for superintendents are even higher. Our best teachers are leaving. All across the country, teachers are dealing with severe issues at scale. Some of these concerns include: Teachers getting physically and verbally attacked by their students Lack of administrative support, communication, guidance, and assistance Low pay and overwhelming expectations Extreme stress levels due to dealing with consistent behavior issues In all of my years of education, I have never seen teachers stressed out to the point of leaving the classroom. Many teachers (not all) claim to be depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Although developing your own teachers in your school district may sound like a novel idea, some districts are already creating programs to turn former students into teachers right at home, right now….