Fluvanna, VA: Superintendent would like a psychologist in every school

August 3, 2017, Fluvanna (VA) Review: Superintendent: Schools “Failing” Special Ed Students HTTP://WWW.FLUVANNAREVIEW.COM/INDEX.PHP?OPTION=COM_CONTENT&VIEW=ARTICLE&ID=7985:SUPERINTENDENT-SCHOOLS-FAILING-SPECIAL-ED-STUDENTS&CATID=37:SCHOOLS&ITEMID=201 Superintendent Chuck Winkler was forthright with the Fluvanna County School Board at the Board’s seminar Wednesday morning (July 26). “We are failing our students in special education,” Winkler said. “We are fully accredited. We should be proud of that. Are we fully staffed in special education? As far as the regulations are concerned, yes. As far as the needs of our students? No.“ ... Board member Charles Rittenhouse (Cunningham) said he thinks too much emphasis is being put on social issues. Earlier, Winkler reported they were having trouble finding a qualified psychologist. He said ideally, he’d love to have one at every school. Rittenhouse seized on that. “A psychiatrist at every school? Why has society created this?” he said. “In my mind kids have lost their sense of reality due to TV and video games. No one ever gets kicked out of school anymore. Schools as a whole deal with education, not social issues. When I grew up, school was a privilege, not a right. And I believe that.” Winkler said the reality is schools must handle multiple issues. “It is incumbent on us now to deal with all those issues,” Winkler said. “With public education we can’t say no because it is a right. And it’s a privilege and honor.”