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Floyd, VA: Elem school gets sensory room; "a space for students... overstimulated...with others"

Sept 22, 2018, Wytheville, VA, Southwest Virginia Today: Sensory spaces give students a place to reset The sensory space at Floyd Elementary School is a transformation of part of the former library space at the school into a tranquil environment that not only appeals to students but also others, including teachers.Its goal is to provide a space for students who get overstimulated in a large environment with others, explained Melissa McDaniel, Director of Special Education and Student Services. Students with autism or other sensory issues are among those who benefit, but McDaniel said “there are a lot of disabilities where students can get overstimulated by noise and activity.”… Vickers said students who use the sensory spaces are different when they leave. “They walk back out and you can tell they’re a calmer kid.”


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