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Florida has statewide program for reporting school safety concerns

Oct 21, 2018, Daytona Beach (FL) News Journal: Volusia County schools still implementing plans for security, mental health services After a difficult summer for Florida school districts as they struggled to revamp their security efforts before August, Volusia County is still working to tie up a few loose ends. New state mandates after the Parkland shooting in February called for security personnel on all school campuses, new additions in physical security and increased mental health services. … The district last week announced its participation in a state-mandated program called Fortify Florida. It’s an app and website where anyone can anonymously report school safety concerns to law enforcement and school administrators. … The district opted to create five mental health response and intervention teams — groups of three that will be tasked with identifying students who need help and getting them the support they need. Originally there was some trepidation that it would be difficult to hire for the teams, but district officials have already received an “overwhelming response of qualified, interested applicants,” and the job openings haven’t been posted online yet.


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