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Florence County, SC: District opens second sensory room; "provides safe space"

May 5, 2019, Florence South Carolina Now: A place to grow: New sensory room provides safe space for Florence County School District Three students, teachers LAKE CITY, S.C. -- Florence County School District Three opened its second sensory room in April. Last year, the district created a sensory room at Lake City Early Childhood Center. And this spring, a sensory and action-based learning room opened at Dr. Ronald E. McNair School of Digital Communication and Leadership. Cheryl Hubbard-George, the district’s director of exceptional children, said the room is an inclusive space that she wants both students and teachers to take advantage of. She said she wants them to be able to have that safe space to go to, reflect, plan and grow. Inside the sensory room, there is a space for relaxation and a space for action-based learning. In the relaxation space, the lights are dim and gentle sounds can be heard. The area includes balance surf boards, bean bags, books and other things. In the action-based learning space, the area is lit with brighter lights and includes balance balls, a boxing bag and gloves, weight bench and action bikes with iPads to access instructions…. Providing a sensory room for the middle school students allows them a chance to share their emotions, said Laura Hickson, the Florence County School District Three superintendent…. The project was funded by the state’s Maintenance of State Financial Support spending plan to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. The space is created to promote inclusive practices and positive behavior intervention and supports for all students.


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