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Flint, MI: "Rising number of students in SPED in Flint"; ACLU files suit for more money

Jan 14, 2020, Fox 25, Flint, MI: Flint families want more money allocated for special education Some parents and community leaders are frustrated about the amount of special education funding for Flint Community Schools. They are aware of the rising number of students in special education in Flint, and they feel that Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) doles out too little money. They took their concerns to a meeting at Genesee Intermediate School District on Tuesday…. American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, Education Law Center and the White and Case law firm filed a lawsuit at GISD, Michigan Department of Education, and the Michigan Department of Education in 2016. One of the complaints involve the formula for disbursement, which factors in total student population. The suit suggests that special ed funding should be based solely on the students who rely on it. It estimates that the change would more than double amount that Flint Community Schools receives…. Flint Community Schools has previously said that special education costs more and strains the district, which is already facing financial challenges.


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