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Flint, MI: Children's services consolidated due to "growth spurt in demand"

Oct 7, 2022, ABC12 Flint, MI: $23 million Genesee Health System Children's Center is near completion
Just a few more finishing touches and Genesee Health System will be consolidating all of its children's services to a new facility on Saginaw Street near I-69 in Flint.
In recent years Genesee Health System has experienced a growth spurt in demand for children's services.

"After the water crisis and then COVID-19 pandemic on top of that we've seen a pretty dramatic increase," said Danis Russell, CEO of Genesee Health System.

Russell said the agency was running out of space at the three separate facilities that currently house their many children services.

"We've outgrown space at each of those three spaces," he said….

In November, Genesee Health System is expecting to open their brand new facility on Saginaw Street between Ninth and Tenth streets. One thing he knows for sure it will be more convenient for the families that rely on the agencies services.

"I think having all of our kids staff in one building is going to create a lot of synergy and energy beyond things that we probably don't even realize right now," said Russell.

The move will bring all of its children services under one roof. Those services include the Autism Center, the Neuro Assessment, Neuro Psychological Center for Excellence, Community Outreach, and the fetal alcohol screening program. The new building will also have a health center….

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