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Findlay, OH: District plans for 6-10 cops/"in-school mental health clinicians"

July 5, 2018, Findlay (OH) Courier: Findlay may share cost of hiring 6-10 cops for schools The City of Findlay and Findlay City Schools may share the cost of hiring six to 10 police officers to station in school buildings, Mayor Lydia Mihalik told City Council this week. … “What Ed (Kurt) and the school board apparently would like to do is a multi-pronged approach,” Mihalik said Tuesday, including up-to-date security systems, such as video surveillance in buildings and buses; in-school mental health clinicians; and hiring six to 10 officers for school buildings. “This is obviously something, from the school district’s perspective, that they’re going to want to seek a levy for,” Mihalik said. In May, Kurt said a levy for security was a possibility. The school district already is in an operating deficit, and spending about $200,000 annually from the general fund on security personnel, he said….

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