Fenton, MI: School staff seeing "alarming behaviors"; self-harm on the rise

Jan 26, 2018, Fenton, MI, Tri—County Times: School staff seeing alarming behaviors in students as early as elementary level That’s the lesson Larry Newman sought to convey on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, Jan. 15, when he and other speakers from Newman/Stecher International spoke to 135 Lake Fenton teachers and school personnel. He focused on addressing personal issues before focusing on academics.  “The problems that used to exist primarily at the high school level are now K-12 … we’re seeing behaviors at the elementary level that we didn’t see 20 years ago,” he said. Two examples are more defiance and more drugs.  “We’re seeing middle school kids getting involved with harmful activities, drugs and alcohol,” he said. Newman mentioned the opioid epidemic, and that the younger someone starts using drugs the more likely they are to continue using that drug throughout their life as well as other substances. …  The teachers learned about diversity, dealing with depression, mental health, suicide awareness, and more. …  School personnel learned about mental health and how “cutting” is on the rise. Cutting is when someone cuts their skin with a knife or sharp object. …  “The role of teaching has changed in many different ways. We’re still responsible for content, but we’re realizing, maybe re-realizing … that we need to be teaching life skills at the same time,” Newman said.