Fayetteville, AR: Teachers across the state being trained to deal with "trauma in the classroom"

Nov 29, 2017, Fayetteville AR, KNWA: Trauma Training Helps Teachers in Northwest Arkansas Teachers from across Northwest Arkansas are learning how to deal with trauma in the classroom. Last year 837 cases of child abuse or neglect were reported by Washington and Benton county. Counselors we spoke with said the need to teach educators on how to deal with these issues has become more and more prevalent in our society. Jennifer Coldiron is the Student Outreach Coordinator for Ozark Guidance. Coldiron said, "Trauma comes in lots of different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common experiences children go through are sexual and physical abuse." Coldiron said mental health issues are becoming more and more common in the classroom. "We're teaching them how to address aggressive acts in between one another. We're teaching teachers the verbal deescalation skills that they need." Today over 70 teachers from the community joined together to talk about how to approach trauma with care. ….