Fargo, ND: Yoga used to calm elementary students

Jan 4, 2018, WDAY—TV, Fargo, ND: Yoga Calm has arrived in some Fargo classrooms - Stretching the mind and body with big results A challenge in any elementary classroom is "managing behavior." But now a unique project is being introduced in schools right here in the metro. Shortly before math or reading at Jefferson elementary in Fargo, fourth graders get their minds, bodies and heart, ready for a day of learning. They practice Yoga Calm to get there. Fargo School Counselor Laura Sokolofsky is one of several educators in our area, now trained in this program. It serves as a way to get young kids to self-regulate by breathing, relaxing and being still. … Often these are kids who come from tough situations at home, such as poverty, abuse and trauma. … There is also an effort to bring the mindfulness and body control program to some classrooms in Moorhead.