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Fargo, ND: Town meeting on kids' mental health; "when misbehavior comes from mental illness"

May 15, 2018, KVRR—TV, Fargo, ND: Mental Health Professionals Talk Children’s Mental Well-Being—A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR COULD HINT AT A BIGGER PROBLEM Flag Family Media, Prairie St. John’s, and Scheels put on a town hall with mental health professionals to talk about the mental well–being of children. One panelist describes our society as an “anxious age” with so much going on around us. One of the big points of discussion was the impact of social media on children. … “I think we see in the media and just in our own lives and in the school system increased behavior issues and a lot of people are searching for why is this. I think it’s important to remember that with children, and oftentimes behaviors are the symptoms of what they’re experiencing,” Monica McConkey, director of business development at Prairie St. John’s, said. Those on the panel say when misbehavior comes from mental illness, using consequences like rewards and punishments won’t treat the problem. …

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