Fargo, ND: Special elementary school for students with "severe behavioral problems"

April 24, 2018, Grand Forks (ND) Herald: Special elementary school planned for students with severe behavioral problems would be first of its kind in ND The Fargo and West Fargo public school districts plan to join forces to create a small unified school specially designed to help kindergarten and elementary-age students with severe behavioral problems…. School districts around the country are seeing an increase in student behavioral problems that often disrupt classrooms and sometimes lead to staff injuries. …. Beth Slette, a West Fargo schools assistant superintendent who in July will become the next superintendent, said the area has seen an increase in the frequency and severity of students with significant behavioral and mental health needs, and it's starting at younger and younger ages. The behavioral issues can tax district resources. While some schools have containment rooms in which students can calm down during an episode, those rooms are often full and some students require two full-time adults to help them each day…. While the students who may qualify for the separate school do not have cognitive disabilities, they are identified as emotionally disturbed or on the Autism Spectrum Disorder due to their behavior. … The rise of behavioral issues has grown beyond the disruption of classes. West Fargo has seen an increase in staff injuries due to student behavior. Reports of staff injuries nearly doubled between December 2015, when 68 reports were filed, and December 2017, when 125 reports were filed. …. "We certainly know there are needs in other districts as well," Agre said….