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Fargo, ND: $11.8M for elem school's behavioral ed program expansion

Nov 26, 2019, Fargo, ND, INFORUM: Lewis & Clark Elementary expansion for students with behavioral challenges moves ahead FARGO — The Fargo School Board on Tuesday, Nov. 26, voted to move ahead with an expansion of Lewis & Clark Elementary School that school officials say will advance the district's ability to help students who face behavioral challenges…. The question of how best to serve students with neurological conditions that can affect their ability to control behavior has been a source of debate in the district for some time, with some parents asserting there is a lack of training for special education teachers and that schools don’t always follow a student’s individualized education program, the legal document that outlines things such as academic goals, accommodations and deescalation tactics. There is currently no separate setting in the area for elementary students with more extreme behaviors. Students with disabilities, including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and emotional disturbance disorders, are generally educated alongside peers without such disabilities. According to materials presented at Tuesday's school board meeting, the addition to Lewis & Clark will provide behavioral health services to students as part of a K-8 educational facility with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math…. The cost of the expansion at Lewis & Clark is expected to be about $11.8 million, funds the district has already identified in its long-term planning….


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