Falmouth, MA: 18 percent of students have I.E.P.s

Aug 4, 2017, Falmouth, MA, Mashpee Enterprise: Special Ed. Students In Mashpee Enjoy Extended School Year Program The school district’s new special education director, Jaime L. Curley, said in an interview last Wednesday, July 26, that 295 out of nearly 1,600 students in the district were on IEPs as of June 2016, though not all of them took part in the ESY program. IEPs can focus on a broad range of challenges, she said, from academic or learning disabilities to behavioral or sensory issues. Special education students in Mashpee range in age from 2.9 to 22. Ms. Curley, who recently replaced former special education director Michele Brady, works with other school administrators to oversee a team of psychologists, adjustment counselors, special education teachers and occupational and speech/language therapists. Nearly 20 of those students attended schools outside the district, including Cape Cod Collaborative, depending on their particular educational and behavioral needs. ... If a student has a disability but is making effective progress in the classroom without accommodations or modifications, Ms. Curley said that the student does not necessarily need an IEP.

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