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Fairfax Cty, VA: Updated school security; more psychologists for mental health support

June 15, 2018, WJLA, Washington, DC: Fairfax County considers school security upgrades after district-wide review In the last 24 hours, Fairfax County released a district-wide schools security review, commissioned just days after the shooting massacre in Parkland, Florida. … Beyond adding cameras, the FCPS's Office of Safety and Security also recommends hiring 18 more psychologists or social workers to provide additional school-based mental health support. “Our kids they're not safe these days and mental health is a big issue. So hopefully that will help,” Inez Higgs said. But Harold Uria is skeptical the additional mental health staffing will make a difference. “When people have mental health issues, they don't admit it. That's the thing,” he said.

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