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Everett, WA: Principal locks out autistic student; says he was threat to other students

Feb 12, 2019, Everett (WA) Herald: Mom upset after autistic son locked out of Kent school The principal said the boy assaulted her and she was trying to protect other students. JaVohn Perry is upset, frustrated and wants answers. As she sees it, how could her 11-year-old autistic boy, JaMar Taylor, be locked out of his school, left unsupervised to wander around in the cold for about 15 minutes trying repeatedly to get back in? To Perry, the Dec. 14 incident at Kent’s Springbrook Elementary School was unacceptable and negligent. Perry claims her son, who participates in the school’s special education program, was singled out, ignored and endangered on that Friday morning. She said during a Feb. 2 rally of supporters that the ordeal has traumatized her son, who was suspended and no longer attends the school. … The Kent School District has since placed the principal, Ashlie Short, on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. … According to a report filed with Kent Police, Short explained to officers that the boy assaulted her and a teacher, necessitating a “modified lockdown” to protect other students and to avoid physically restraining him. Short also said the boy was monitored for the 12 minutes he was outside the school. Kent Police posted on its Facebook page: “We have conducted an investigation into the initial incident and based on the available information, we did not find evidence of a crime. The Kent School District is aware of the incident and are following their procedures for reviewing what happened.” …
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