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Erie, PA: Special needs student kept in tiny room all day

May 30, 2023, Erie (PA) News Now: Mother Speaks Out on Allegations that Student with Special Needs Isolated During School Day

"I was livid. I just can't comprehend why would they do this to a child with special needs -- because they couldn't handle him that day?" said Mary Roumfort, the mother of Vincent Roumfort who has special needs and attends special education classes at Erie High.

Friday, someone from the district called her about a picture of a small room with the caption that read "They keep a student in here all day with the front closed."

"The room is only big enough for a little student desk. He suffers from epilepsy. What if he had a seizure? You don't do that, . . . That's abuse. This is where we send our children to be safe," Roumfort said.

We reached out to the Erie public school district. They sent Erie News Now a statement saying they are investigating, and the health, safety and well-being of their students is the district's highest priority.

Mary said her son came home one day covered in urine. With her knowing her son could have been neglected in this way, she hopes the district takes swift action. "I want to make sure other parents know that this could be happening to their child too. . .It's wrong and disgusting. . . .I'm hurt, the school district needs to do something with that teacher,"Roumfort said.


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